Online Marketing – Getting Started But Have No Experience?

Today, the colorful and diverse world of marketing – including online marketing – is attracting the attention of more and more young people, not by chance. Our world is becoming more and more digital, so a strong online presence became indispensable for companies and businesses.

As a result, there is a growing need for experts who can provide a safe path on the marshy soil of the World Wide Web.

Employment opportunities are growing in Europe, but the beauty of this profession remains still in its flexibility. Many people are attracted to the fantasy of working independently from the seashores of a distant island, from a small alpine village with a bird view on the mountains. Truth is, the job is not (and probably will never be) tied to any location, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

However, the questions remain unanswered: How to position me? How to gain experience?

Or if I have experience already: How to step ahead?

These are the questions we will help you find answers on.

Clarify which area you are most interested in online marketing

There are numberless branches of online marketing (with a bit of exaggeration), in which you can deepen your knowledge, so it is very crucial to define exactly which area you want to develop expertise in.

The main areas of online marketing are Pay-per-click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Brand Management. My suggestion for you – in case you consider gaining knowledge in any of these areas – try to read about them as much as possible at first. Realizing halfway through that your chosen area is not aligned with your skillset, can cause you a big headache.

Ways of gaining knowledge and experience in online marketing

I will show you three ways how to get started with Online Marketing. These paths will differ from each other, in accord with your willingness to pay for the knowledge you ought to acquire.

Free Materials

People of the twenty-first century are blessed with the privilege of being able to retrieve virtually any information from anywhere, anytime, with a flat-screen electronic device.

Many of us can find themselves in a rather difficult situation where either it is not possible to spend on education due to lack of resources, or they are too scared to invest their savings in a new skill or knowledge. And that’s just life, not everyone starts with the same opportunities. This is where our creativity and determination come into play.

There are certain ways where we can acquire a great deal of digital knowledge, and our piggy bank may remain intact. Out of the many amazing online marketing courses, blogs, youtube channels, and more, I would like to highlight some of the best you can find in the digital marketing world.

Best Blogs

Neil Patel (various online marketing topics)

PPC Hero (PPC centred)

Best Available Free Online Courses

Google Academy for Ads

With Google’s dedicated free training, we can learn the basics of using its own systems, gain valuable insights (even badges), which you might as well want to highlight on your resume. It could be useful for those especially who are attracted to the world of click-based advertising (PPC / pay-per-click). People in this field handle advertisements in accordance with the interest of a target audience and on the actual search volume of certain keywords.

WordStream PPC University

WordStream PPC Agency also has its own training materials, webinars, downloadable contents on PPC, and a little bit on Social Marketing.

Moz SEO Udemy Course

This 3.5 hour, completely free Udemy course will teach you the basics of SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) experts are marketers who, by studying Google’s algorithms in-depth, will be able to improve the position of a web page on Google.

Best YouTube Channels To Follow

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Neil Patel

  • Moz

So you can see that knowledge provided for free on the web is almost endless, and in literally every area we are interested in, we most certainly are able to find educational material on. Being free is the second most cost-effective method (the no.1. Most cost-effective way is when someone pays you to learn, although it is unlikely to happen), but if you do want to build confidence in the subject and be more competent at a job interview, or in your everyday routine, it is well worth investing in a piece of in-depth knowledge. I will show you a few online course pages where you can equip yourself with professional theoretical knowledge (and practical, in some cases) in the areas of your choice for the cost of a few lunches. Are you ready?

Paid Online Courses in online marketing


This might be a familiar website for you already. Udemy offers online courses where you can get to know each and all areas of online marketing and it does not require crazy amounts of investment from the users’ side. The courses you buy here will always be available for you, as the courses come with lifetime access. In addition, updates provided by the knowledge creator will be provided to you free of charge.


Similar to Udemy, you can buy courses on multiple topics here as well. The basic difference between the two services is that while on Udemy you pay for each course separately, on Skillshare there is a monthly subscription system. The subscription fee is ~ 15 EUR monthly and ~ 100 EUR yearly. As online marketing is continuously changing, extending and expanding, it may be worth to think about investing for the long term, in order to reach later the newer, up-to-date courses.


The Netflix of online courses, one might say. In exchange for a monthly subscription of ~ 30 EUR, we get access to 13,000+ video tutorials, including online marketing materials in any specific topic we please. The first month is free here too, but as in the previous case, it is well worth thinking about it as an investment.

So it is clear that those who want to deepen their knowledge beyond the land of free materials can find a number of platforms that are suitable for them by sacrificing a relatively small amount of money. A huge benefit of these courses, compared to the free opportunities, is that after completing a course, you earn a diploma or certificate which you can record on your LinkedIn profile or on your CV, further increasing your eligibility towards potential future employers.

Finally, I introduce you to the trainings that require us the greatest financial sacrifice compared to other sources, but also these are the ones that are the most profitable in the long run.

Paid Courses, Classes

Yep. Back to school, baby! Out of all topics, this is the only one that unfortunately I am unable to provide you with a recommendation. Since choosing which live course to attend depends very much on your location, let’s just collect the pros and cons of this option.


  • You can get an official certificate, improving your CV

  • Practical knowledge: You need to be at a classroom (physically) and practice real-time all the things you learn

  • You get to meet other like-minded people

  • Courses usually have good connections to agencies, which you could use for your own benefit. Once you finish the course, a position might be waiting for you already!


  • Expensive (although it depends on the location and the course itself)

  • Time-consuming and you have to adapt to the schedule of the class

  • You receive materials, but the courses are usually not recorded, so you can not watch it

The trainers of these courses are basically not certified teachers, but online marketing experts. Their knowledge, experience and past are stable and secure, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money in vain. The great advantage of such trainings is that each of them provides a diploma or certification at the end of the course that proves that you have completed it. In addition, it gives you confidence in the skills and knowledge that you acquired throughout this course.

And we arrived at the last piece of the puzzle. The attitude.


What is considered a “good online marketer attitude”? It is an utterly important issue since most qualified agencies who want to employ a digital marketer will most certainly take into consideration the features that distinguish an “online worker” from a real Digital Expert.

The immensely fast-changing world of online marketing requires us to constantly be up to date. If you want to be successful in your field, you will need to update your knowledge almost every day, so constant learning and open-mindedness are of crucial essence in the ever-green field of Online Marketing.

It does not hurt to have a good technological foundation as well. There are numberless tools designed to make our work and the online world, a great deal easier. Why not use them? Find and test these tools. Select the ones that help you the most. Those you find the most reliable you can also apply in your everyday work.

Be organised and determined, do want to be good. Many people apply to agencies and companies as online marketers because they don’t know where else to go, they just want to taste a new thing, a trend, but they don’t have long-term goals. Don’t be like that! Set goals for yourself, be ambitious. Such a person is rare, which is the reason they also find a job easier.


We have seen several approaches to the path to becoming an expert. From completely free to those who are putting a great deal of effort into investing in their knowledge base. But they all have one thing in common. Without humility, willpower, and perseverance, neither will lead to purpose. Clarify what you want and if this path is what You really want. Determine which area really moves you, and then, depending on your financial means, start to expand your knowledge. If you follow the formula above, you will definitely be on your way to your goals (or at least, one step closer to them)!

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