Why should you use Google Display and Video 360

It would be a shame to miss out on the fastest-growing online advertising opportunity, right?

Programmatic advertising ad spend grew by 27% last year and it is projected to reach $100 billion this year.

Let me show you the reasons you should invest in it.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the technology behind automated media buying as opposed to traditional (manual) ways of buying ad space online.
The different programmatic algorithms can serve the right ads to the right user at the right placement at the right time.

Programmatic media buying can be categorized into three types:

  • Real-time bidding (RTB): This is the open marketplace of ad placements where the price of an ad impression is decided in a real-time auction. This is considered the cost-effective way of buying display ad impressions.

  • Private marketplace (PMP): The algorithm works similarly here compared to the one used in open auctions, but only selected advertisers have access to these private marketplaces, as it is invitation-based.

  • Programmatic Direct: If a website owner wants to have a 1 on 1 deal with the media buyer, then this deal is called a Programmatic Direct deal. These ad placements are the most “premium” ones, but also the most expensive.

What is DV360?

There are a lot of programmatic advertising agencies that offer different ad inventories and advertising solutions.

With the help of Google Display and Video 360, you can access almost all of the different programmatic inventory providers and/or make your private deals.

DV360 is a platform that aggregates most of the programmatic advertising opportunities known today.

Unique targeting

In DV360 you can not only create unique target audiences, but you can also use third-party data providers and also connect your Data Management Platforms (like Adobe, Weborama, Eyeota, etc…).

On top of this, you also can mix all of these audiences to create the perfect target audience for your campaigns.

Unique ad-formats

DV360 offers you the ability to run Display, Video, Audio, or even TV ads at the same time from one platform. You can also easily create and use special ad formats that are not available elsewhere.

These unique creatives can be created by using simple banners, some copy, and your creativity ;)

Final thoughts

Google Display and Video 360 has a ton of opportunities for advertisers that want to run unique ads for perfectly targeted audiences.

However preparing the right campaign plan, selecting and setting up the target audiences, and then optimizing the ads to reach their maximum potential is a complex task.

Do you have a website and want to get into Programmatic advertising but this looks too complex to handle on your own?

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