3 key points to leverage Pinterest for your business goals

Pinterest is not a regular social media platform. It can be compared to Facebook or Instagram although people use it very differently.

It is a platform for discovery but it is mostly used as a search engine just like Google with a twist. On Pinterest people are trying to find inspiration for their daily lives, ideas for DIY projects, a destination for their holiday plans, basically anything they can do in the “real world”.

1. Use the right pictures

On Pinterest, you’ll see Pins, which are pictures with a definite style. If you already have seen a Pin you know what I’m talking about. There are infographics, tutorials, and products but not the regular posts people expect from a social media platform.

These pictures should be 2:3 rate with a logo in the (preferably) upper left corner and some text. Pinterest has an algorithm that prefers visuals that have defined characteristics, this can be (other than the before mentioned) colours, people, styles even. Pinterest makes it very easy to create content on its platform. You just have to have the original picture and all the necessary transformations can be done through the built-in editor. This makes it very easy to make sure your logo appears on every picture you make or that you have a call to action on your newest Pin.

Pins can be organized on Boards. These Boards should at least contain 5-6 Pins before publishing them.

2. Mind your target audience is on the platform

Who uses Pinterest? A monthly average of 441 million people actively use this platform for discovery. According to Pinterest, most of these people use the platform to purchase something as well, meaning this is a great platform for advertisers. Pinterest tries its best to blend ads into the surrounding Pins.

3. Take advantage of cheap advertising opportunities!

Also, this platform is considered one, if not the cheapest option among other advertising platforms. The biggest temptation for advertisers in using Pinterest is going to be the fact that according to a study conducted by GfK US 89% of Pinners used the platform to find inspiration for a recent purchase. On Pinterest, organic and promoted content are both able to become successful catalysts for purchases. Advertisement on this platform is made as simple as possible. Most of the campaign-building processes are resembling Facebook and work very similarly. The only difference is, that you can conduct search campaigns as well, so don’t forget to add all the keywords relevant to your ads.

+1 Customer support comes in the pocket

And the last thing is customer support. At Pinterest, it is a value that’s held to a high standard. Every advertiser receives their support agent, who can be booked for personal meetings at any time by the customer through a shared calendar. They are always ready to help with your campaigns, Pins, or any other questions you might have for them.

Final thoughts

Pinterest is an outstanding platform for both creative individuals and companies seeking to improve their business.

Do you have a business worth a try to be on Pinterest? Give it a try and experience the benefits yourself!

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