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Marketing Manager



Markestic is a Budapest-based digital consulting agency with special focus on PPC, digital transformation and digital export. We help established large accounts, international companies and scaling startups with digital consulting and execution.

Currently we are running projects in 18 countries.

We believe, there’s no such thing as a great agency, just great people in agencies! We are not a typical digital agency as such. We are a pool of great experts to turn things upside down!


  • Strategizing and prioritizing Markestic’s marketing, communication and lead generation

  • Coordinating & Executing Markestic’s marketing activities

  • These are just ideas below. The marketing channel mix is flexible.

  • PPC

  • Overlooking PPC activities (we do have PPC Specialists to handle the campaigns if need be)

  • PR

  • Online PR (we do have a partnering agency for that to outsource this task at least partly)

  • Offline PR (conferences, etc.)

  • SEO & Content

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creation

  • Case studies, Ebooks, Webinars. 

  • Email marketing

  • Online presence. You don’t have to code a website or anything but you shall have some understanding of landing pages, web analytics, etc. to maintain our online presence.

  • Coordinating & Executing Lead Qualification Process.

  • Building up Markestic’s CRM structure.


  • You love corporate communication.

  • You have fresh ideas or tangible experience about how to do B2B marketing.

  • You are open to test, fail, iterate quickly then scale.

  • You are pretty much into numbers. We are happy to invest anything and everything if it’s worth it and cut off something completely when it makes no sense at all.

  • You enjoy independence and you are self-running. We can forge the directions together but then the stage is yours. 

  • You would be glad to take a digital agency from Hungary to the international field. We are about to go to Jupiter and beyond!


  • Experience in marketing and/or communication.

  • Agile personality. Things must be done and/or pushed if gets blocked. 

  • Proactive and independent project management. You’ll get all the support  in the beginning, however, at some point, you must take the lead! 

  • Since we are aiming for the international market, English language must be mastered at an advanced level, otherwise the position shall focus just on the Hungarian market, which could be alright, too. 


  • Fair and motivating remuneration package

  • Highly motivated and diverse team with strong company culture

  • Steep learning curve

  • Remote work

  • Full flexible working hours and work-life balance

  • Regular team events and trainings


  • Creating brand awareness around Markestic in Hungary and on international field.

  • Generating MQLs (marketing qualified leads) as well as SQLs (sales qualified leads) upon pre-screening prospects.

    • For 2022, we aim to reach 100 MQLs / month with a sales qualification ratio of 33%. 

    • How so? The door is open! We have many ideas, however, very open to fresh ones, too.


  • For you, the Client is actually Markestic itself.

  • We do have many materials ready or halfway done, however, we have no dedicated team-member to be the owner of all these. We need someone who’s agile enough to take the lead and we’ll follow.

  • As of now we do not have active lead generation and we have never had continuous marketing but rather spot-like adventures. 

  • This position would mostly be in direct contact with general manager (CEO) and sales internally as well as external providers where need be.

  • Some stuff should be executed on your own (some content marketing as such or representation on a conference, etc.), however, additional support / help can be involved from other team-members or externals.