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Business Development



Markestic is a Budapest-based digital consulting agency with special focus on PPC, digital transformation and digital export. We help established large accounts, international companies and scaling startups with digital consulting and execution.

Currently we are running projects in 18 countries.

We believe, there’s no such thing as a great agency, just great people in agencies! We are not a typical digital agency as such. We are a pool of great experts to turn things upside down!


  • Let’s form actual projects and execute them. Some ideas in mind…

    • Fully automated HR Recruitment process.

    • Building up an international sales team.

    • Developing a better sales approach.

    • Opening a new market. 

    • Creating and documenting in-house procedures.  

    • Process optimization in any field.

    • Building up strategic partnerships in Hungary and elsewhere.

  • There are no limits. If we conclude something makes sense, we’ll go for it.

  • A Business Development Manager has to take care of certain bizdev projects. One at a time or simultaneously more and make sure things get done. 


  • You have a growth mindset and you don’t like the status quo. 

  • You consider a problem an opportunity and not a head-ache.

  • When you see a problem or let’s call it an opportunity, your brainpower takes off and possible solutions flash through your mind.

  • You enjoy the moments of delivering projects and when things get done! 

  • When you don’t see any problem, your eyes widen where to head next?

  • You are flexible and adaptive enough to dive deeper into sales, marketing, operations, HR or whatever needs your skills.

  • Having constantly changing roles, projects, circumstances makes you thrilled rather than disoriented and stressful. 

  • You would be glad to take a digital agency from Hungary to the international field. We are about to go to Jupiter and beyond! 


  • Has experience in business development.

  • Good in strategic and operational level, too. 

  • Has project management skills. 

  • Agile enough to push things through if bottlenecks, obstacles show up on the way. 

  • Open to the unknown and glad to face uncertainty where creativity is needed to find workarounds.

  • Has international experience since our venture development direction is international.

  • Proactively spots new venture development opportunities and is happy to bring them to the table.


  • Fair and motivating remuneration package

  • Highly motivated and diverse team with strong company culture

  • Steep learning curve

  • Remote work

  • Full flexible working hours and work-life balance

  • Regular team events and trainings


  • Markestic has 2 main teams: Business Development & Delivery.

  • The BizDev Team works on business growth, which covers such fields as:

    • Marketing & Lead Generation

    • Sales

    • Finance & HR, etc.

    • Technically anything, which is not Delivery.

  • The Delivery Team is responsible for client-related project deliverables such as:

    • PPC Campaigns

    • Social Media management

    • Landing page development, etc.

  • The Business Development Manager is a very diverse position. Simply put: if there’s a field to grow Markestic, let’s pursue that opportunity. It could be an incremental growth opportunity or a disruptive innovation. We are very open to fresh ideas.


  • For you, the Client is actually Markestic itself.

  • A Business Development Manager may rotate from position to position, from field to field. 

  • Where (s)he shows up, order gets created from chaos, and things get introduced and delegated back to the team. 

  • A Business Development Manager may end up growing up to be the Head Of Business Development. This position is an overarching role beyond marketing, lead generation, sales and all the additional supporting functions. (S)he works hand-in-hand with Squad Managers to deliver value to the Clients and build Markestic in the meantime.